The Importance of Imagination


As a child, I never really considered how important imagination was until now. It’s a childhood profession, it comes naturally. I remembered playing for hours with nothing but myself, the surrounding area, and my growing imagination. I was the young heroine who saved the world countless times, a princess of the secret kingdom of fairies, the astronaut who explored the vast universe, even the crazy inventor who made the first hovercraft. Whatever we wanted to be or do, we did it. We had complete control of the world within our heads. Continue reading


“I’m A Feminist”

It was a late Friday night and my parents invited their friends over. I was a freshman at the time, and my mom warned me that I would be meeting the oh-so-outspoken daughter of my mom’s best friend that was also my age. My premonitions were confirmed when I saw her. She walked in without a single glance in my direction and there was an edgy expression on her face. Her eyes were darkly lined and her eyelashes were thick with mascara. Her lipstick was the kind of bright red that is stocked up at the makeup store because no one dares to pull it off. My eyes fell to the dark t-shirt that she was sporting. In bold white letters it spelled out “Crush the patriarchy.” I suddenly completely understood what my mom meant. Continue reading

Your Own Worst Enemy


I read this awesome article that was about how people mentally compare themselves to people that they see. What I picked up and thought about was: Why do we have a strange tendency to always feel the need to compare ourselves to someone else? Maybe it sounds strange, but it absolutely isn’t foreign. We’ve all had that moment where we bombed a quiz or embarrassed ourselves in front of class. Oddly enough, we find comfort in knowing that one of our friends did as well. What’s this weird defense tactic that we use to combat our own raw feelings ? I think it’s finding safety in numbers.

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Continue reading