Michelle Meets Blog

I fell in love with blogging in the same a person falls in love with a song. When you first hear the song, it doesn’t catch your attention very much. In fact, you might choose to avoid it. However, listening to the radio, you hear the same song again and again. Eventually, the tune grows on you as you find yourself drumming along to the beat.

steering wheel

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(1) New Message

Three Saturdays ago, I went out with one of my close friends for the first time in a long time. The weeks of FaceTime, texting, and Snapchat just weren’t cutting it for me, Frankly as humans, we are communicative creatures that crave interaction… outside a phone screen. Like a classic rendezvous, she quietly slipped into the table of our agreed dim corner in Starbucks. I couldn’t wait, I knew that we had a lot to catch up on —once she would put down her phone.

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Shortcuts: What Cut Us Short

shortcut quote

In life, we seek shortcuts over all, but like shortcuts, we are cut short. Life’s a race, and maybe sometimes it’s just a lot less tiring to jump off the course and maybe sneak your way through the bushes. The older I’ve gotten, the more I have realized that taking the easy way out of things does nothing but lessen what you get out of life’s biggest feats. I’m not saying to eliminate the ctrl+v feature on our keyboards. But unlike highlighted text on the internet, the steps that we take toward all the successes cannot be copied and pasted. Each and every step builds upon the last. Without the proper foundation, you might trip. Continue reading

The Perks of Being a Teenager


I’m walking in the hallway on the way to class and I step on a piece of gum. I try walking forward, but the gum still sticks to my foot, dragging outward. I pull back my foot, and the trail of gum follows. I’m stuck and completely unsure where to move my foot.

kickskicks 2

You might have thought I was talking about school’s gum problem, but I wasn’t. The gum is stands for something more. The gum is us teenagers. The teenage years are the one of the most difficult times because you’re still too young to do whatever you want to do. At the same time, you are too old to do all of the things that you used to. So that raises the question:  How much of a say do teenagers have in their own lives? I didn’t know the answer to this question when we talked about disobeying your parents and pursuing something greater. I found my answer during fourth period sitting in Spanish class.

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Your Own Worst Enemy


I read this awesome article that was about how people mentally compare themselves to people that they see. What I picked up and thought about was: Why do we have a strange tendency to always feel the need to compare ourselves to someone else? Maybe it sounds strange, but it absolutely isn’t foreign. We’ve all had that moment where we bombed a quiz or embarrassed ourselves in front of class. Oddly enough, we find comfort in knowing that one of our friends did as well. What’s this weird defense tactic that we use to combat our own raw feelings ? I think it’s finding safety in numbers.

b w

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