Patience, My Dear

Patience truly IS the best virtue. As Aristotle once said, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” It defines a person, patience is the ultimate test of life. This virtue is timeless, and is dependent on oneself. It is universal, it is boundless. What limits patience is how one sees it as, as a good virtue or a bad one. One can choose to wait to enjoy life’s rewards, or choose to waste precious rewards. Sure waiting forever isn’t exactly the best way to waste precious time, but in the end, the rewards are better and totally worth it. After all, good things come to those that wait.

A Cluster of Ideas


For most of our short lives on this beautiful earth, we are waiting for something. Waiting in line for movie tickets, AP test scores, that one cute person from second period to reply, etc. You’d think after knowing that waiting is such an important element of life, people would be more patient. That’s not true at all.

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The Importance of Imagination


As a child, I never really considered how important imagination was until now. It’s a childhood profession, it comes naturally. I remembered playing for hours with nothing but myself, the surrounding area, and my growing imagination. I was the young heroine who saved the world countless times, a princess of the secret kingdom of fairies, the astronaut who explored the vast universe, even the crazy inventor who made the first hovercraft. Whatever we wanted to be or do, we did it. We had complete control of the world within our heads. Continue reading

Living with Regrets

Regret hurts.

Regret burns.

Regret aches.

I regret binge watching Netflix hours before a Chemistry test. I regret studying two chapters worth of AP European HIstory content for an exam at three in the morning. I regret eating the entire tiramisu myself. I regret not telling my feelings to my crush before it was too late, and I most certainly regret writing this post a week late—I regret everything. Years-old decisions, things I have said and shouldn’t have said, things I don’t ever say, opportunities I purposefully missed, opportunities I took, recent purchases at the mall, non-purchases, and especially returns.

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