B.R.A.W.L. For All

It is one thing to read a book cover to cover, but it’s another thing to uncover the different ways that the text can relate to your life. So began our quest for questions and adventures for answers that we would present in the debate. The B.R.A.W.L. made me realize something I had never recognized before. There is so much power behind a question. It triggers thought, emotion, conversation, opposition, and reaction.

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It is the littlest things that COUNT

After a long week of AP European history, grueling chemistry, trigonometry, English honors and Spanish, the only thing you think of now is just dumping everything into a corner of your chaotic room and jumping onto your heavenly cozy bed, shutting down for the next few hours. Your homework and projects can wait, procrastinating and sleep is your first priority. The last thing you would ever think of doing is to be waking up from your deep “hibernation” and doing volunteer work for your community. Yes, you’re doing boring, laborious volunteer work; when you could have stayed home, hung out with your friends, eat all day, or play video games all day. Well guess what you couch potatoes and lazy heads:


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