B.R.A.W.L. For All

It is one thing to read a book cover to cover, but it’s another thing to uncover the different ways that the text can relate to your life. So began our quest for questions and adventures for answers that we would present in the debate. The B.R.A.W.L. made me realize something I had never recognized before. There is so much power behind a question. It triggers thought, emotion, conversation, opposition, and reaction.

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Top 5 List of Mind-Blowing Ways We Use Robots


      Just under a hundred years ago, Czech playwright Karel Capek invented the word “robot” from the Czech word robotinik. This original term was used to describe mechanical creatures that were made for one thing and one thing only. Drudgery. Upon their creation, they were doomed to a lifetime of dull uninspiring work. Since then, these robots, with the help of different human perception, have been developed to do great things. They speed up our means of productions, detonate bombs, explore hazardous places, mine resources, explore the depths of the sea, and spend time in space. This makes us think: what else could robots possibly do? Continue reading

Reckless and Breathless

I remember standing before the rocks that piled high as if they were competing with the towering pines. I was already who knows how far up the San Bernardino Mountains; but still, my camp buddies were urging me to climb up the rocks that we found during our walk. In that moment I didn’t know what I feared more: the thought of falling from that height or regret of missing out on something so adventurous.

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The Day I Started Hating Distance

I was barely a teenager at the time. I remember that I was itching to see and experience things for myself. Sure, I went out with my friends and went on frequent holiday vacations with my family. But sure enough it would end. I would come home to the same four walls of my room and wake up to my dad, mom, and sister. You would think that under these circumstances, the teenagery sense of adventure would eventually die out in me. I was ready to bury the cause  —until my best friend’s older brother offered to take my friend and I camping.

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Once Upon a Dark, Dark Dream

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.

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(1) New Message

Three Saturdays ago, I went out with one of my close friends for the first time in a long time. The weeks of FaceTime, texting, and Snapchat just weren’t cutting it for me, Frankly as humans, we are communicative creatures that crave interaction… outside a phone screen. Like a classic rendezvous, she quietly slipped into the table of our agreed dim corner in Starbucks. I couldn’t wait, I knew that we had a lot to catch up on —once she would put down her phone.

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I never would have been able to conquer this emotion on my own. Not without my mother. I’ll never forget the cold January morning two years ago that changed the way I would see happiness for the rest of my life. Continue reading

How Friendships Start and Others End

We have all been in that situation where you have to witness your friend slowly changing in front of your own eyes. It is painful and this occurrence never really goes away. In kindergarten, you see your friend start to play with the bad group of friends that kick dirt at other kids at the playground. In middle school, you see your friend spend more time with the kids that don’t do anything unless it involves potential trouble. By high school, they’ve become part of the group that attends wild parties on the weekends. They’re drifting, no matter how much your friendship used to pull them back. Days turn into weeks until you have a real conversation with them. Your friend used to have it all together. Now your friendship is falling apart.

“When people walk away, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you. They are in no way a bad person, but their part in your story is over.”


Growing up, I refused to think that no single problem could have no solution. Maybe I was too optimistic and cared too much for my little mind. This was until I realized that nothing can stop people from changing, even if they are changing for the worst. I think the reason why it’s so hard to turn around a person who has changed like this is because they have worked so hard to become another version of themselves. How many times have we pretended to have common interests just so we can be friends with someone? How many times have we stood by watching others doing something they shouldn’t be doing just because we don’t want to jeopardize our friendship? We value friendship so much that we find ourselves “compromising” just to preserve it. In all simplicity, we are who we surround ourselves with.

I used to think that was parental nonsense that my mom and dad would tell me. I mean, I would say the same thing to keep my kids out of trouble. I learned that it was true. You might not know it, but you’re changing. Change in life is inevitable, but it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to let it be in a positive or negative way. You also can’t chose whether or not other people will affect you, but you can make it so at least it’ll be you and the good guys against the world in the end.

Yours Truly,


Shortcuts: What Cut Us Short

shortcut quote

In life, we seek shortcuts over all, but like shortcuts, we are cut short. Life’s a race, and maybe sometimes it’s just a lot less tiring to jump off the course and maybe sneak your way through the bushes. The older I’ve gotten, the more I have realized that taking the easy way out of things does nothing but lessen what you get out of life’s biggest feats. I’m not saying to eliminate the ctrl+v feature on our keyboards. But unlike highlighted text on the internet, the steps that we take toward all the successes cannot be copied and pasted. Each and every step builds upon the last. Without the proper foundation, you might trip. Continue reading

The Quest of Questions


“The quality of a question is not judged by its complexity but by the complexity of thinking it provokes”

-Joseph O’Connor

The act of questioning will not always lead to the best answers, but these fragments will give us a more clear and open perspective about the world and who we truly are, unearth hidden emotions and feelings within ourselves, and leave behind imprints for us to look back and improve upon. This is why we were determined to search within ourselves to answer the our own crucial questions that we thought about while reading The Oedipus Cycle. 

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