Michelle Meets Blog

I fell in love with blogging in the same a person falls in love with a song. When you first hear the song, it doesn’t catch your attention very much. In fact, you might choose to avoid it. However, listening to the radio, you hear the same song again and again. Eventually, the tune grows on you as you find yourself drumming along to the beat.

steering wheel

Your love for the song grows as you suddenly wish it would play more often. That was how I felt about blogging. At first, blogging seemed all too difficult. I still remember the first day that Joanna and I made our blog. Creating our URL had literally sucked all the creative juices out of both of us. Still, the the blankness of our blog was taunting us. We thought: how in the world are we supposed to pour our thoughts and passions onto this blog for the world to see?

Really, we could write about literally


No pressure.

Personally, I found that the most intimidating aspect of being a new blogger was creating interesting and relatable reading material. You didn’t want to be too direct, but you wanted to get points across. You didn’t want to talk about too controversial things, but you also did not want to talk about irrelevant things that would eat up five minutes of someone’s life. The keyword is someone. I was to write, for someone somewhere out there.

It took more than a few blog posts for me to discover which tone I would write in. I tried being formal, sarcastic, funny, and witty. Still, none of those things seemed to sound like me. The best pointer that I got from my teacher was to write in the way that I would talk. I then realized that  I would have never talked about half of the things I was writing about, such as the health effects of caffeine. That wasn’t it. I then decided, that I would live my life as usual and write around it. Whenever something that triggered emotions or curiosity happened in my life, I would take note to blog about it later. Personal experiences turned into some of my favorite blog posts.


In the short months that I have been blogging, I have learned many things. I learned about the creative, technological , and social aspects. For new bloggers, I advise you to approach blogging in a with an open mind. Allow yourself to write whatever interests you because there are many people out there who think like you or at least want to hear your opinion. When your blog develops its cold (too many drafts) do not be frustrated because the greatest written material is not forced out. It helps to use your phone note app in order to jot down your ideas.

In terms of technology, I learned what most bloggers would call the basics. Linking videos, posts, and pictures are very basic things indeed, but they truly contribute to your posts. For new bloggers, I cannot express this enough. Pictures pictures pictures. If you’re writing about a place or a special day, what interests people the most is seeing, not just reading. Lastly, it’s really important that you learn to use effective hashtags and spend time interacting other bloggers’ posts. When you put your blog out there on the internet, it’ll attract more readers and followers. I promise you, one of the greatest feelings is knowing that your thoughts have touched others.

This short amount of time of blogging holds no regrets for me. However, I wished that I would have interacted more with other bloggers because honestly, there are great works out there that are unread and unappreciated. This isn’t really a big problem though because I intend to spend a lot more time venturing into the unknown feeds of WordPress.

Mr. T, thanks for getting us into blogging. I’ve really gotten to know my classmates better than I can say I’ve had been able to in any class by just reading their posts and interacting with them on WordPress. It’s such a great thing being able to read straight into their minds. Because I regret not being very interactive with other bloggers, I think that it would be cool if you got the upcoming students doing it consistently. Maybe encourage them to get the shyness out early. The remixing and commenting was very effective so it’d be awesome if you did this a lot more. I feel like it was an awesome way for us to support one another and bounce off each other’s ideas. I enjoyed it.

Yours Truly,



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