From the Heart


If you were to ask me nine months ago if I would ever have a blog, I’d laugh at your comment and simply walk away. Little did I know that blogging would be so fun and different from what I had expected it to be. Sure, coming up with an idea and writing it down in one sitting isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I’ve learned to adjust to it and actually enjoy it more than shopping and drawing combined. In a span of nine months, or an entire school year, I have learned so much from blogging than I ever could have in a thousand-paged textbook.

To be honest, I first started a blog only because it was a required English assignment. As a result, I only blogged simply because I had to in order to pass the class, not out of passion or concern, but in haste. Compared to my other fellow bloggers, my blog seemed like nothing to them. They had poured all their thoughts, opinions, and ideas (along with effort) into theirs, whereas I barely skimmed below the surface. This made me realize that I had to do more than blog for a grade, I had to blog for myself and the person who will read what I write.

So, throughout the rest of school year, I blogged for those two people. The writing style of blogging is very different from that of the typical essay writing. Blogging requires the writer to be more engaging and less formal, all while remaining professional. To me, this was somewhat of a challenge in the beginning, as my blog posts always came out as structured essays rather than creative writing pieces. With revision and a better understanding of blogging, I feel that I have learned to write in such a way that can engage a broad audience on a less than exciting topic without compromising the genuineness of my work. Over time, I grew to love my blog.

Blogging to me is like opening yourself to world with your opinions and ideas without being too overexposed. Being a naturally awkward person in general, blogging writing helped me open up to more people on an intimate level and to feel unrestricted. Not only did I learn to be less awkward, I also learned how to better organize my thoughts into words, connect to the world, and manage time without procrastinating so much.

Out of all the posts that I have written with my fellow blogger Michelle, my favorite post would have to be The Stars at a Glance. I had so much fun writing it. Looking back at my previous posts at the start of the year, I wish that I could have given more effort into writing them. Not from the internet, but from the heart.

If you are contemplating on whether you should start blogging or not, I’d say go for it. You never know, you may hate writing but later love blogging instead. It doesn’t hurt to try.  My best advice would be to blog for yourself, not for others to get more likes and followers. If you’re passionate about what you write, and put a ton of effort and thought into each post, the likes and follows will come to you. Maybe not as fast as you would like, however. Like I said earlier, just have fun blogging. You won’t regret it.

I’m gonna miss reading everyone’s weekly posts, as I got to see a different side of everyone. Being nine months older, and hopefully wiser, I plan to continue on this amazing journey of blogging.


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