Top 5 List of Mind-Blowing Ways We Use Robots


      Just under a hundred years ago, Czech playwright Karel Capek invented the word “robot” from the Czech word robotinik. This original term was used to describe mechanical creatures that were made for one thing and one thing only. Drudgery. Upon their creation, they were doomed to a lifetime of dull uninspiring work. Since then, these robots, with the help of different human perception, have been developed to do great things. They speed up our means of productions, detonate bombs, explore hazardous places, mine resources, explore the depths of the sea, and spend time in space. This makes us think: what else could robots possibly do?

 1.      Robots have been made to be your maid. They might not come with the traditional maid wardrobe featuring the apron, but they have what it takes to outperform in the long run. They were designed to collect laundry, dispose of dishes in the sink, and potentially cook. Also,  robot maids are equipped with the ability to reorganize objects in a messy room as they were seen before. If I myself had been given the job to return a messy room to its original tidiness, I definitely would not be able to boast the 98% accuracy that these robot maids do.


2.      It’s hard to imagine functionable robots that are invisible to the eye. Scientists created nanobots the size of cells in the human body in order to potentially treat cancer. Once injected into the body, the target specific nanobots could eliminate the negative side effects of cancer treatment. They latch onto only the cancerous cells and overtake their replication.


3.      Robots have allowed for ill students to attend school —from home. These robots, equipped with full eye view cameras, walk the halls and attend classes as any student would. The student at home is able to watch from home what is happening in class and interact with other students. Best of all, this robot will not tolerate bullying. It detects flying objects such as paper balls coming its way.

4.      Everyone loves concerts. Even robots. When many Israeli teenagers were unable to enjoy the Coca-Cola concert due to their physical limitations, the Coca-Cola company devised a way to replicate the complete concert experience with the Social Robot. They can walk around crowds of people and experience the music. Their webcam allows for the teenagers to directly communicate with everyone else at the festival as if they were there themselves.

5.      Robots have made an entrance into the entertainment industry. In response to cruelty toward child riders, participants of the camel race in Kuwait devised a way to race without risks. The robots ride on the backs of the camels and respond to signals to whip and steer.

camels ridden

This list of mind-blowing uses of robots during the last few decades is only a small glimpse of what is ahead for the robot industry. Humans have become increasingly comfortable with trusting robots with even our most important processes. The robot is no longer a performer of menial work as the Czech language dictated. It has become the instrument that serves all future endeavors.


Yours Truly,



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